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Katherine Wei

CEO & Founder of “Contact AJ” and “Love & Life Coach”

Relationship Expert

Certified Life Mentor
Certified NLP Practitioner


Katherine Wei is Love and Life Coach’s and as well as Contact AJ’s CEO and founder. People in Australian and Asian society know of Katherine’s talented matchmaking skills, and thousands of people, from both cultures, have sought out her help in finding them love and relationship happiness.

However, Katherine is far more than that.

She is now an expert that has created this wonderful “Love and Life Coach” to help people find their way back to living an awesome life.

Katherine Wei

Katherine was recruited into the Chinese army during a turbulent period in Chinese politics. During her time in the army, amongst many roles, she worked as a nurse and a guard for Chairman Mao’s former wife Madam Jiang. These experiences gave Katherine a deeper level of understanding of people, and insight into human relationships. The challenges she faced during this time helped form her focus to achieve and strive to help others reach their ultimate life goals.

Katherine immigrated to Australia in 1985, studied at CCAE in Canberra University, followed by an advanced diploma in business at a Sydney Private Ladies’ College. Katherine started working as a nurse while searching for a career where she could use her language skills to help more people. It was by chance that she was introduced to, and began working with a matchmaking consultancy, and immediately her interpersonal skill and rich life experience marked her out as a gifted matchmaker.

Katherine has since expanded her services and clientele greatly. She often speaks to women’s groups about the secrets of her success, in both her own personal life and career. She is passionate about transcending cultural boundaries. She has worked to make this an integral part of Contact AJ’s philosophy, which has served to help thousands of couples build strong and long-lasting relationships.

She has published many articles in the media about cross-cultural love, and regularly gives presentations and speaks to Australian and Asian women about relationships. She has continually been a strong supporter of charity organizations Red Cross and Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Not stopping on that, Katherine keeps on pursuing various knowledges to gain more perspective in providing better service. She is now a Master of Love Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Emotional Intimacy Breakthrough.


She realized that people need more than just a ‘partner’ or ‘family’ to be happy and fulfilled in life. People need “their own self” to be happy and feel loved. That’s how “Love and Life Coach” was born.

Feedback & Reviews

I was lost. And then I stump into LLC and honestly, it changes my point of view and it finally changes my life. It wasn’t easy, but with the guidance from Katherine and the team, I am slowly able to get back up and have a better life.


“I am very satisfied with Ulitmate Love and Life Coach. I wasn’t sure at first, but the more I dive into the course, the more I realize how much I needed it from the start. And I am so grateful for all of this


“The individual guidance and feedback following each prcess of learning of self-improvement is an amazing experience for me which ultimately leads to the roads success in all facets of  my life.”


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