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    The beginning of Your Life Changing Journey...

    • Have you ever questions what true love feels like?
    • Are you still looking for love? Or do you have any problem committing to your relationships?
    • Is it because of the fear of rejection and failure?
    • Are you still not settling down? Is it because of the fear of commitment?

    If you feel like it might be you, you might want to ask yourself these questions…

    • Do you really understand the core of a relationship?
    • Do you want to know the secret of a long-lasting relationship?
    • Do you really understand the meaning of intimacy in a relationship? (I can tell you one thing, it’s definitely not physical intimacy)
    • Do you want to learn about the opposite sex archetypes?
    • Do you want to be successful in attracting the opposite sex?
    • Do you want to have your own dating tool kits from the famous cross-cultural matchmaker, Katherine Wei?

    At one point, everyone will feel the same. The real problem is when you are not able to overcome all of this yourself and instead of rising up, you fell lower and lower and hit the rock bottom.

    In this case, what you really need is to find yourself unravelling all the problems that hold you back from flourishing yourself.

    This is why “Your Ultimate Love and Life Coach” is created.  To help you develop self-esteem and deepen your understanding of finding love and happiness.

    We will help you:

    What makes us different and appealing?

    We offer a detailed guideline for you to learn about your very own self and then work out the path that suits you the most in finding love and living your awesome life.

    One-on-one personalized coaching
    No gimmicks, just real, practical advice
    Get expert help, to put your BEST self forward

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    Ultimate Love & Life Course

    The course includes 6 modules of Katherine’s expert areas with unlimited time of learning and practices for you.



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    What We Do?

    Katherine Wei, the Founder of Love and Life Coach,  brings over 30 years of expert experience to all matters of love and romance, dating, forming relationships and maintaining them, interracial issues and cross-cultural boundaries, and she has coached and mentored over ten thousand singles and couples. 

    This is the reason why she designed this course so more people can achieve their dream life as well.

    I Coach.

    • Relationship
    • Personal Growth
    • Leadership

    I Speak.

    • Self-motivation
    • People skill
    • Emotional Intimacy

    I Write.

    • Love related
    • books /ebooks
    • audiobooks

    My Story / About Katherine Wei

    Katherine Wei

    CEO & Founder of “Contact AJ” and “Love & Life Coach”

    Relationship Expert

    Certified Life Mentor
    Certified NLP Practitioner


    Katherine Wei is Love and Life Coach’s and as well as Contact AJ’s CEO and founder. People in Australian and Asian society know of Katherine’s talented matchmaking skills, and thousands of people, from both cultures, have sought out her help in finding them love and relationship happiness.

    However, Katherine is far more than that.

    She is now an expert that has created this wonderful “Love and Life Coach” to help people find their way back to living an awesome life.

    Katherine Wei

    Katherine Wei’s Book


    My Cross-Cultural Journey of Love



    I am very grateful and appreciative with contact AJ Matchmaking and their dating and relationship coaching services that I have experienced.

    Since meeting Katherine (Kate) I am continually impressed with her knowledge, ongoing support, professionalism and guidance.
    Kate has been extremely patient and supportive with my journey to enable me to take action and find a loving relationship. She has always been there to answer my questions and develop my relationship skills which ultimately have made me a better, stronger and more confident Person.

    I highly recommend Kate as a relationship & life coach along with her extensive experience with matching people together to bring out the best in each other to share a happy life with.


    I was depressed when I first met Kate, I just had my heart broken and my life wasn’t going so well. Kate really helped me to get back to my truest self, gain back my confidence and my life back. I now live with gratitude everyday and I hope more people can benefir from what Kate has to offer.


    I thought my life was great. I don’t have much complaints, but I always feel something is missing. So I seek out for help, and LLC showed me everything I need to feel complete. I never knew any of those until LLC. It was such a great awakening for me.

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