Welcome to our specialized coaching site! Find out why our students love us and what makes LLC the best choice in self-development and relationship training.

10 things our students say they Love most about us

  1. I love how it makes me values the process that identifies the things I love most in life.
  2. It gives me the courage to take a leap and the changes in faith and go for my dreams.
  3. It brings me back my confidence.
  4. I love how it covers not only all aspects of life but also love, universal love.
  5. I love that they’re with me every step of the way, and they are always ready to guide me up to the next level.
  6. I enjoy that the courses are not the typical classroom experience, but more special, experiential, and challenging.
  7. I love that I get to see clear differences between life before and after LLC.
  8. I love I can be in a community where people are joining together to become a better version of themselves.
  9. I love how empowering the course is.
  10. I love that it is really a life-changing experience for me.
“LLC really help me to get back on my feet and encourage me to embrace the life that has been given to me”
“12 months of unforgettable journey. The most amazing time for my life”
“Believe it or not, but LLC is the best decision I ever made. I grew a lot as a person, partner and also boss.”


We want our students to feel the most encouraged so they can push beyond their limits and empower them to the ultimate person they can ever be.

Remove Obstacle


Remove Obstacle

People bring obstacle in growing when they first came in; this is where we start by taking off the things that hold them back. Working on together, we will identify those blocks and find ways to overcome them and thrive.


Love and Live the Dreams

Most people don’t really know what they want in life. That’s why we need to have a clear sight of our dreams. Love what they are and make a plan and live to the goals.
love & live the dreams
be the best version of you


Be the Best Version of You

Life is full of challenges, but also opportunities. This is where we get to figure out how to overcome those challenges and take the advantage in every opportunities.



Take responsibility for all the result and non-result. We work together until we find a way to make it all work. Push it beyond the limit.

prove the result


Prove the Result

We bring expertise, passion, and deep desire to succeed in our role and we deliver what we say we’re going to do, outstandingly.

Meet Katherine Wei

Founder of Love and Life Coach


Katherine Wei is Love and Life Coach’s and as well as Contact AJ’s CEO and founder. People in Australian and Asian society know of Katherine’s talented matchmaking skills, and thousands of people, from both cultures, have sought out her help in finding them love and relationship happiness.

However, Katherine is far more than that.

She is now an expert that has created this wonderful “Love and Life Coach” to help people find their way back to living an awesome life.

Katherine Wei


our students
We obsess about our students’ success and their experience. We celebrate when they first enroll and when they graduate, which we make sure when they do, they graduate with the best feelings and experiences they ever had. We go above and beyond in every possible way, and it all pays off because our students find success!
We have a team dedicated to reviewing, researching and improving the course materials literally every single day. As a result, our courses have the resources, guidance and knowledge to deliver to the students.
our courses
giving back
We’re passionate about giving back, especially to causes that don’t always get much media attention or support. Every 1% of the profit will directly go to the non-profit organization to help people in need.